Security Alert Regarding the ChatGPT iPhone App


Technology experts are warning iPhone users to be aware of a ChatGPT app which poses a security risk. Recently, artificial intelligence platform OpenAI has released the technology in a new mobile-friendly iPhone app, swiftly becoming one of the most popular free apps on the App Store.

However, as reported by Muskaan Saxena, computing staff writer at Techradar, users should be mindful about sharing too much personal information on the platform, as the data may be susceptible to security breaches. OpenAI’s privacy policy states that when users utilize its services, the company collects data about users which includes any personal information included in the input, file uploads or feedback. This basically means that even if one asks the ChatGPT questions which contain personal information, this gets sent to OpenAI and possibly read by a human reviewer.

Saxena urges users not to use ChatGPT for confidential conversations, such as seeking advice or help with sensitive problems like anger issues. This is because conversations are anonymised before humans view them, but this does not remove the content of the prompt.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company based in San Francisco, founded in December 2015 by outcomes from the non-profit research lab OpenAI. The company “exists to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity” and is focused on developing insight and tools for the collective endeavor of great A.I. breakthroughs.

Muskaan Saxena is a computing staff writer at TechRadar. She is a full-time tech journalist, passionate about AI, cybersecurity, and consumer tech. Saxena started her career at Plugged Media and The Next Web, and has also contributed for titles like The Verge and Digital Trends.

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