ChatGPT Books Exciting AEW vs WWE Event Full of Bangers


Wrestling fans in the UK are looking forward to an exciting summer, with WWE set to take over the O2 Arena for Money in the Bank and AEW’s highly anticipated Wembley Stadium All In show. But who better to help answer the burning question of what would happen if the two promotions put on a joint show than the help of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

ChatGPT, an AI bot developed by Botinteractive, came to the rescue with an amazing hypothetical event with the perfect name – ‘Collision Course: AEW vs WWE’. The name, according to ChatGPT, captures the essence of the event, emphasising the “collision” between both wrestling promotions and their biggest stars.

ChatGPT generated an incredible 11-match card, featuring WWE and AEW stars such as Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega – fighting for all the gold in a winner takes all match. From Adam Cole vs Kevin Owens to Hangman Page against Seth Rollins, fans of both companies would get to see some of their favourites in action. Whilst some of the bigger names were excluded such as The Miz from WWE and Cody Rhodes from AEW, the match-ups were still incredibly impressive.

In addition to the wrestling action, ChatGPT also set up some dramatic scenes including a confrontation between the big bosses of each promotion, Tony Khan and Vince McMahon. There will also be a mini Shield reunion between Jon Moxley and Seth Rollins, and a few other surprises.

The historic event will be hosted by the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City which is “known as ‘The Mecca of Professional Wrestling’ and is the perfect place for such a monumental show.

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To top it all off, there will be legends including The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting and Triple H appearing to add even more hype and excitement to the show.

Collision Course: AEW vs WWE could easily become one of the biggest events in wrestling history if it happens in the near future and it will undoubtedly be a “unforgettable experience” for both performers and viewers alike.

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