CEO Discusses AI Robot Security Guards, Bartenders & Nurses Funded by OpenAI


AI robots are no longer confined to the virtual realm and movies and are making their way into everyday life through the help of companies like 1X. Founded by Bernt Bornich, and funded by OpenAI, 1X has been hard at work to develop humanoid robots to take on certain roles that, until now, were done exclusively by human labor. The humanoid robot, named EVE, has already been successful at completing security tasks at two industrial sites since April of this year, with ten additional robots being produced each month.

Bernt Bornich is the CEO and founder of the company 1X, a robot development company funded by OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. Bornich believes that humanoid robots such as EVE could replace human workers in industries such as security, bartending, and even elderly care, avoiding the labor shortage resulting from the effects of the pandemic. To help this idea become a reality, OpenAI’s $23.5 million investment was a crucial factor in advancing the development of the EVE robot. EVE is a humanoid equipped with a head, a face, and two arms that are able to move autonomously, much like a human. The technology is advanced enough that if anything goes wrong, a 1X employee can take control of the robot through virtual reality and get it back on task.

The development of AI robots has been popular in recent years, with other companies such as Knightscope and Ascento already deploying egg-shaped and two-wheeled robots as security for railway depots in Switzerland. However, Bornich’s robots have taken it a step further by replicating humanlike movements and behaviour, proving to be successful and as a better quality choice for the security industry. The goal is to implant these humanoid robots into all sorts of industries to eventually fully replace human workers. This development could revolutionize society, replace the labor shortage, and create a world where AI robots have the capability to do many of the jobs that were previously done by humans.

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