Nvidia and Dell Revitalize AI On-Premise with Project Helix


Nvidia and Dell are teaming up to bring new life to artificial intelligence (AI) systems with their joint initiative, Project Helix. They are leveraging their years of collaboration to develop hardware, software, and services that will empower enterprises to experience the immense capabilities of AI-driven large language models (LLMs) and general AI. This way, businesses can benefit from both existing foundational models and new ones tailored to the organization’s requirements.

The plan for Project Helix includes Dell PowerEdge servers such as the PowerEdge XE9680 and R760a, as well as Nvidia H100 tensor core GPUs for increased performance. It provides enterprises with an integrated stack of Dell PowerScale and Dell ECS enterprise object storage that is paired with Nvidia AI Enterprise and the robust Nvidia NeMo framework for general AI.

With the combination of Dell’s hardware and Nvidia’s software, enterprises can feasibly and securely manage their AI systems on their premises without having to rely on cloud-based platforms. Kari Briski, VP of software product management at Nvidia, explains that they are helping to provide security and privacy to enterprises. Varun Chhabra, SVP for product marketing for the infrastructure solutions group and telecom at Dell added that Project Helix also guides customers on how to best integrate compute, storage, and networking for real-time general AI workloads.

In addition to the technical capabilities that the Lenovo-Nvidia partnership is unveiling, their new initiative also draws upon a metaphorical representation of the projects’ purpose: The double-helix structure of DNA, which is the basic building block of life. This serves as a a symbol of the limitless potential generative AI can unlock for business applications and people in general.

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To learn more about the capabilities of Project Helix, join both Dell and Nvidia leaders in recognizing how the solutions can drive business success. Join the executives in San Francisco July 11-12 for keynote addresses and knowledge sharing related to successfully using AI investments.

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