Ice Cube Criticizes Artificial Intelligence in Music Industry


In today’s music industry, artificial intelligence is becoming more of an issue due to its use to replicate and twist the sounds of well-known artists. Rapper and actor Ice Cube recently shared his opinions regarding AI technology during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast. He stated that he thought AI technology is “demonic” and that there was no place for it in the music world. Cube further critiqued AI-generated songs saying they sound “computerized” and that people will “want things organic and not artificial”. He also suggested that people that create AI music that is reminiscent of an original artist should be held accountable and “have to pay”.

The platform TikTok was also mentioned when conversing about AI music to which Ice Cube expressed his disapproval. He said that he did not want to hear AI-generated songs from artists like Drake and suggested that the original artist should take legal action.

Warner Bros. was also recently mentioned when Ice Cube discussed the withholding of rights to one of the films he was in. The artist stated he was not yet ready to pay Warner Bros. for the rights to the film.

Ice Cube is an iconic name in the rap game, with an impressive career that includes five solo albums and numerous collaborations. He has won multiple awards for his ever-growing list of film credits and is well known for his social activism. Ice Cube is an icon of the rap game, having won awards for his albums and collaborations, and has an impressive list of film credits. He is known for his outspokenness regarding politics and social activism. Ice cube’s comments about AI technology and what it could mean for the music industry are sparking dialogue and highlighting the importance of original, organic production remaining the standard in the music industry.

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