Nandan Nilekani’s People+ai Unveils ‘Adbhut India’ & OCC Project for Frugal AI Innovation


India is set to become the AI use case capital of the world, according to Nandan Nilekani, a prominent figure in the technology field. His organization, People+ai, under the EkStep Foundation, is introducing two new initiatives aimed at promoting frugal AI innovation in India.

The first initiative, called Adbhut India (Amazing India), focuses on leveraging the country’s large population and digital infrastructure for impactful AI solutions. Nilekani emphasized the importance of building solutions at scale and innovating frugally to reduce the cost of AI significantly. The goal is to deliver these solutions at a minimal cost of one rupee per transaction, catering to India’s vast population and their aspirations.

The second initiative, the Open Cloud Compute (OCC) project, aims to create a platform for AI-based startups to explore, showcase, and share population-scale AI use cases specific to India. By encouraging healthy competition and collaboration among startups and investors, the project seeks to drive innovation in the AI sector within the country.

Nilekani’s vision for the future of AI in India highlights the nation’s unique strengths and opportunities in the field. With a focus on frugal innovation, leveraging the population, and fostering a collaborative ecosystem, People+ai’s initiatives aim to position India as a leader in AI use cases globally.

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Advait Gupta
Advait Gupta
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