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Advait is our expert writer and manager for the Artificial Intelligence category. His passion for AI research and its advancements drives him to deliver in-depth articles that explore the frontiers of this rapidly evolving field. Advait's articles delve into the latest breakthroughs, trends, and ethical considerations, keeping readers at the forefront of AI knowledge.

Exclusive articles:

YouTube’s AI-Generated Music Sparks Controversy, Robbing Music of Its Human Spark

YouTube sparks controversy with AI-generated music tool Dream Track, as critics lament the loss of human touch. Find out more about this debate in our article.

Controversy Surrounding Offshore Wind Farms Sparks Environmental Debate

Offshore wind farms and the controversy surrounding their environmental impact are explored. The importance of renewable energy and overcoming resistance to change is emphasized.

AI Scam: Woman Loses Rs 1.4 Lakh as Fake Nephew Dupes Her in Hyderabad, India

Beware of AI voice scams targeting individuals abroad. Hyderabad woman loses Rs 1.4 lakh to an imposter nephew. Stay vigilant!

Global Techno-Fascism: The Rise of the Fourth Reich & the Battle for Freedom

Discover the alarming rise of Global Techno-Fascism, paralleling the dark days of the Nazi Third Reich. Explore the battle for freedom against absolute domination fueled by AI and supercomputers.

US-China Summit Ends with No Breakthroughs, Biden Calls Xi Jinping a Dictator

Get the latest updates on the US-China summit with no significant breakthroughs. Biden labels Xi Jinping a dictator, as tensions between the two nations persist.


Microsoft’s OpenAI Partnership Revolutionizes AI Research, Boosts Cloud Computing

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI revolutionizes AI research and boosts cloud computing, driving progress and shaping the future of the industry.

Google Unveils Gemini AI: Most Powerful Model to Beat Humans in Multitask Understanding, US

Google Unveils Gemini AI: A game-changing model that surpasses humans in multitask understanding. It revolutionizes industries and challenges OpenAI's ChatGPT.

UK Watchdog Considers Probe into Microsoft’s Close Partnership with OpenAI

The UK watchdog explores a potential antitrust investigation into Microsoft's close ties with OpenAI, amid concerns about competition and independence.

Generative AI Sparks Enterprise Transformation with Profound Impact on Applications and Workflow

Discover how generative AI is revolutionizing enterprise technology, transforming applications and workflows to reshape the business landscape.