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Advait is our expert writer and manager for the Artificial Intelligence category. His passion for AI research and its advancements drives him to deliver in-depth articles that explore the frontiers of this rapidly evolving field. Advait's articles delve into the latest breakthroughs, trends, and ethical considerations, keeping readers at the forefront of AI knowledge.

Exclusive articles:

Snowden Urges AI-Human Cooperation for Greater Outcomes

Edward Snowden advocates for AI-human cooperation to achieve greater outcomes, warning against monopolization and political influence in AI development.

Bitcoin Surges to $71,000, Ethereum Tops $3,850 as Market Anticipates Volatility

Bitcoin and Ethereum surge over $71,000 and $3,850 respectively as market anticipates increased volatility. Is $95,000 for Bitcoin possible by 2024?

ASUS Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Servers at Computex 2024

ASUS unveils cutting-edge AI servers at Computex 2024, showcasing top-tier solutions with NVIDIA technology. Drive progress in AI innovation.

Nvidia Surpasses Apple as World’s 2nd Most Valuable Company with $3 Trillion Market Cap

Nvidia surpasses Apple as the world's 2nd most valuable company with $3 trillion market cap, driven by AI demand and stock split announcement.

Former OpenAI Researcher Reveals Shocking Safety Concerns at Company

Former OpenAI researcher reveals shocking safety concerns at the company, sparking calls for transparency and accountability in AI development.


Asian Shares Rise as Investors Eye Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Decision

Asian shares rise as investors await Bank of Japan's monetary policy decision. Market optimism grows amid potential interest rate cuts.

Dispute Over Gene-Edited Crop Patents Engulfs Europe

The heated debate over gene-edited crop patents in Europe is sparking controversy over intellectual property rights in agriculture.

Elon Musk’s Warning on Apple’s Data Sharing Sparks Controversy

Elon Musk sparks controversy with Apple's data sharing warning, while Tamil producer Bava thanks Musk for meme featuring his film poster.

Apple Teams with OpenAI for Revolutionary AI Integration on iPhone

Apple and OpenAI join forces for AI integration on iPhone, enhancing Siri and offering new functionalities with ChatGPT without extra costs.