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BharatGPT Launches Revolutionary AI Chat Service Hanooman in Collaboration with Top Indian Universities and Reliance Industries

BharatGPT launches Hanooman AI chat service with top Indian universities & Reliance for March rollout - a revolutionary move in AI tech.

India’s Reliance Industries Unveils Hanooman AI Bot Revolutionizing Local Services By 2024

India's Reliance Industries unveils Hanooman AI bot revolutionizing local services by 2024. Discover how this ChatGPT-style bot will transform India.

Reliance’s Hanooman AI Set to Revolutionize India’s Tech Landscape

Discover how Reliance's Hanooman AI is set to revolutionize India's tech landscape with speech-to-text capabilities and local language support.

India’s AI Market Set to Soar to $17 Billion by 2027

India's AI market is set to soar to $17 billion by 2027, driven by rising tech investments and skilled talent pool. Don't miss out on this growth!

Tech Industry Experiences Surge in AI Training, Expects Strong Revenue Growth in FY25

Tech industry experiences surge in AI training, expects strong revenue growth in FY25. Growth rate slows down to 3.8% in FY24, from 8.4% in FY23: Nasscom.


Sam Altman’s Rise: Confronting Humanity’s Soul Sickness in Silicon Valley

Discover Sam Altman's journey in confronting humanity's soul sickness in Silicon Valley. Learn the main points of this thought-provoking article here.

Super Micro Computer (SMCI) Stock Forecast: AI Predicts Continued Growth in 2024

Super Micro Computer (SMCI) stock forecast: AI predicts continued growth in 2024, despite recent market challenges.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Losing Its Mind: Users Share Bizarre Interactions

Users share bizarre interactions with OpenAI's ChatGPT as the chatbot goes haywire, leaving them baffled by its nonsensical responses.

Microsoft Develops In-House Network Cards for Maia AI Chip

Microsoft is developing in-house network cards for Maia AI chip to reduce reliance on Nvidia and boost AI speeds. Exciting industry implications!