Japan’s Komeito Pushes for Originator Profile Technology to Combat AI-Generated Disinformation


Komeito, a ruling coalition partner in Japan, is pushing for government support to develop Originator Profile (OP) as a tool to combat disinformation generated by AI technology. The party’s proposal emphasizes the importance of a human-centered AI society where humans have proper control over AI and its utilization.

The draft proposal calls for the government to lead in promoting digital technologies like OP, which can identify the creators of online information. Komeito also highlights the need for cooperation between the public and private sectors to ensure the effective implementation of such technologies, including the inclusion of OP in major internet browsers and smartphones as an international standard.

Furthermore, in light of the recent passing of the Artificial Intelligence Act by the European Union, Komeito suggests that Japan should also create a new legal framework for AI regulation. This framework should address critical issues such as human rights, life, disasters, elections, medical care, and finance to safeguard against potential infringements. The proposal underscores the urgency of adopting visionary and practical measures to combat disinformation and protect users’ rights in the digital age.

Overall, Komeito’s draft proposal advocates for a comprehensive approach to regulating AI and digital technologies to ensure a safe and transparent online environment for all users.

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