Jai Shah

Meet Jai, our knowledgeable writer and manager for the AI Technology category. With a keen eye for emerging AI trends and technological advancements, Jai explores the intersection of AI with various industries. His articles delve into the practical applications, challenges, and future potential of AI, providing valuable insights to our readers.

Exclusive articles:

LBMC Joins Dayshape for AI-Powered Resource Management Revolution

Join LBMC and Dayshape for the AI-powered resource management revolution, enhancing centralized system for audit services.

Grameenphone CEO Utilizes AI for Superior Customer Experiences Across Bangladesh

Grameenphone CEO Yasir Azman enhances customer experiences with AI technology for superior network services in Bangladesh.

LTIMindtree and IBM Collaborate to Establish Generative AI Center in India

LTIMindtree and IBM collaborate to establish a groundbreaking Generative AI Center in India, driving innovation in artificial intelligence.

Houston Biotech Company Secures $2.5M NIH Grant for Cell Technology Advancement

Houston biotech company CellChorus receives $2.5M NIH grant for cell technology advancement, revolutionizing cell therapy with AI.

Indonesia’s Human Capital Aims to Lead AI Innovation: BRIN Urges Govt Support

BRIN urges govt support to lead AI innovation in Indonesia. Enhance AI development ecosystem for global tech contributions.


Global AI Summit in Seoul: Leaders Discuss Safe and Sustainable Regulations

Join global leaders at the AI Seoul Summit 2024 to discuss safe and sustainable AI regulations. Learn more about the future of AI development!

PwC Study: AI Skills Boost Wages by 25% Globally

Discover how AI skills can boost wages by 25% globally and revolutionize productivity in the global economy. Gain insights from the PwC study.

Scarlett Johansson Accuses OpenAI of Cloning Her Voice

Scarlett Johansson accuses OpenAI of cloning her voice without consent for their ChatGPT project. Debate on ethics of voice cloning sparked.

Boris Johnson’s Astonishing Tesla FSD Experience in LA Streets

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shares his astonishing experience with Tesla's Full Self-Driving technology in the streets of LA, praising its state-of-the-art features.