Jai Shah

Meet Jai, our knowledgeable writer and manager for the AI Technology category. With a keen eye for emerging AI trends and technological advancements, Jai explores the intersection of AI with various industries. His articles delve into the practical applications, challenges, and future potential of AI, providing valuable insights to our readers.

Exclusive articles:

ChatGPT Revolutionizes AI with Record-Breaking Rise, Financial Guidance, and More

Discover the groundbreaking AI platform, ChatGPT, revolutionizing generative AI and sparking excitement worldwide. Explore its transformative impact and learn how it can enhance your financial well-being!

Teradata Acquires Stemma to Enhance AI-Driven Analytics

Teradata acquires Stemma, enhancing its AI-driven analytics capabilities and delivering a more robust data view for enterprise customers.

Teradata Acquires Stemma for Enhanced AI-driven Data Catalog Solution

Teradata acquires Stemma Technologies, a cloud-native data catalog solution, to enhance its AI-driven data catalog and expand analytics value.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series to Feature AI Technology, According to Tipster

Get the latest scoop on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, featuring AI technology independent of Bixby. Details on integration are yet to be revealed.

Mondee Introduces Enhanced AI Technology Platform to Enhance Travel Experiences

Discover how Mondee Holdings Inc's new AI platform, Abhi, revolutionizes the travel industry by streamlining the booking process and providing personalized recommendations.


Microsoft’s OpenAI Partnership Revolutionizes AI Research, Boosts Cloud Computing

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI revolutionizes AI research and boosts cloud computing, driving progress and shaping the future of the industry.

Google Unveils Gemini AI: Most Powerful Model to Beat Humans in Multitask Understanding, US

Google Unveils Gemini AI: A game-changing model that surpasses humans in multitask understanding. It revolutionizes industries and challenges OpenAI's ChatGPT.

UK Watchdog Considers Probe into Microsoft’s Close Partnership with OpenAI

The UK watchdog explores a potential antitrust investigation into Microsoft's close ties with OpenAI, amid concerns about competition and independence.

Generative AI Sparks Enterprise Transformation with Profound Impact on Applications and Workflow

Discover how generative AI is revolutionizing enterprise technology, transforming applications and workflows to reshape the business landscape.