Google Introduces Ads in AI-Generated Search Summaries To Compete with ChatGPT


Google has recently announced a new feature that will incorporate advertisements within AI-generated search summaries, sparking a wave of discussion and speculation among users and industry experts.

Last week, the tech giant introduced AI-generated answers to user queries, revolutionizing the search engine experience. Now, Google plans to include ads within these AI summaries, starting with search and shopping ads. Although the exact timeline for the widespread implementation of these ads remains uncertain, screenshots shared by Google provide a glimpse into how they might appear.

For instance, a user searching for tips on removing wrinkles from clothes could receive an AI-generated summary with advice sourced from the web, accompanied by a carousel of related product ads like clothing sprays. This strategic move by Google is aimed at retaining users who might be tempted to explore alternative AI platforms like ChatGPT or Perplexity for question-answering capabilities.

Vidhya Srinivasan, Google’s Vice President and General Manager of Ads, emphasized that the ads within AI summaries will be clearly labeled as sponsored to maintain transparency. Advertisers will not need to make any additional adjustments as the ads will be based on their existing campaigns. This integration of ads into AI summaries is a pivotal aspect of Google’s strategy to compete with other AI-powered platforms and enhance its revenue from search ads.

Since last year, Google has been experimenting with AI-generated responses, with initial tests featuring sponsored options within AI-generated lists. These tests demonstrated the utility of ads displayed above and below the AI summaries, influencing the decision to incorporate ads more prominently in the future.

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By introducing ads into AI-generated search summaries, Google aims to offer a seamless user experience while maximizing revenue potential from search ads. The inclusion of ads within AI summaries represents a significant development in the search engine landscape, with implications for user behavior and advertising strategies moving forward.

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