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New ChatGPT Context Connector Feature Leaked: Cloud Storage Integration Coming Soon!

Exciting news! ChatGPT is introducing a new Context Connector feature for seamless integration of cloud storage platforms. Stay tuned for updates!

YouTube Introduces AI Jump Ahead Feature for Skip-to-Interesting Sequences

YouTube introduces Jump Ahead feature using AI to skip boring video parts. Enhance your viewing experience with this new tool!

YouTube Offers Free AI Upgrade to Premium Users for Smoother Viewing Experience

Upgrade your YouTube experience with a free AI enhancement for smoother viewing. Premium users get to test the innovative Jump Ahead feature until May 21.

YouTube Introduces AI-Powered ‘Jump Ahead’ Feature for Premium Users

YouTube introduces AI-powered 'Jump Ahead' feature for Premium users, allowing them to skip to popular video segments for a better viewing experience.

ChatGPT Faces Outage on Android and iOS: Users Unable to Generate Responses

ChatGPT faces outage on Android and iOS, leaving users unable to generate responses. Stay informed for updates on service restoration.


EU Demands Microsoft’s Internal Data on Generative AI Risks + Fines Threatened

EU demands Microsoft's internal data on generative AI risks for Bing. Fines threatened for non-compliance. Will Microsoft comply?

OpenAI Faces Departures of Top Safety Experts Amid Concerns of Neglecting Safety Measures

OpenAI faces departures of top safety experts amid concerns of neglecting safety measures, raising questions about AI development.

African Media Urged to Embrace AI for Growth: President Akufo-Addo’s Call at AMC

President Akufo-Addo urges African media to embrace AI for growth at AMC, emphasizing ethical use and environmental awareness.

AI and ML Revolutionize Cybersecurity Defense Strategies

Discover how AI and ML are revolutionizing cybersecurity defense strategies to safeguard digital assets from cyber threats.