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Tech giants and rising upstarts are gearing up for a new reality with the development of headsets and other devices. Apple has made headlines recently with the rollout of its Vision Pro headset, but there is a clear split in philosophy on the role these mixed-reality devices will play. While multiple companies have had strategies for the metaverse – an alternative, digital world – this discussion was sidelined by disappointing sales and the rise of generative AI. However, Apple’s entry has revived interest and challenged Mark Zuckerberg’s – CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook – pursuit of mixed reality. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reaffirmed his commitment to the pursuit of “presence” in a recent interview. Nine years ago, Zuckerberg was exposed to virtual reality and it became the platform he was convinced was the future. His commitment increased after he purchased the VR startup, Oculus, in 2014. He has embraced the term “metaverse” and aims to provide tools to take users to another space to socialise. Meta’s flagship social app, Horizon Worlds, is still clunky and tiring, yet Zuckerberg continues to spend billions on its research to improve this technology. Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro headset is lighter and more sophisticated than Meta’s Quest devices. The headset is primarily designed for solitary use, allowing users to work or watch movies. The device has a few social components, such as a digital display intended to warn users of any proximity to other people. The word “metaverse” was not used in Apple’s event, but rather “spatial computing”.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is an alternative, digital world that multiple tech companies are developing strategies for.

What is the difference in philosophy between Apple and Facebook (Meta) in regards to mixed reality devices?

There is a split in philosophy between the two companies, with Apple focusing on creating a headset primarily for solitary use, while Zuckerberg's pursuit of mixed reality is aimed at providing social tools to take users to another space to socialize.

What is Apple's Vision Pro headset?

Apple's Vision Pro headset is a mixed-reality device that is lighter and more sophisticated than Meta's Quest devices. It is primarily designed for solitary use, allowing users to work or watch movies.

What is Meta's flagship social app?

Meta's flagship social app is Horizon Worlds, which provides tools for users to take them to another space to socialize.

Why is the term metaverse significant in discussions about mixed reality?

The term metaverse is significant because it is the alternative, digital world that multiple tech companies are developing strategies for in their pursuit of mixed reality.

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