ChatGPT Improves Even Further with its Latest Features


The rivalry between ChatGPT and Bard has intensified, as the former now comes with citation feature powered by Bing. Both AI chatbots have been striving hard to build innovative tools to outshine each other.

ChatGPT now uses Bing to refer citations from the web. On the other hand, Bard has made an experimental update with pictures coming from Google search results when you query something.

Google Bard aims to help users understand better with the help of pictures. When you query something related to your Ladakh vacation plans, Bard will give the list of destinations along with corresponding images from Google search.

ChatGPT relies on Bing search engine to dynamize its outcome with web references for every query you ask for. It appears to be lacking in the background training as the content it produces may not be updated. To overcome this, the Microsoft corporate VP collaborated with Bing to get real-time answers to queries. ChatGPT gives citation and web reference alongside its answers. However, it hasn’t added the visuals aspect like Google Bard yet.

It is a good sign to see both ChatGPT and Bard striving to improve the user experience in the AI bot wars. We hope to see more exciting updates from both the chatbots soon.

Rocket AI, the company behind ChatGPT is a technology leader in conversational AI with a mission to make the world a better place through innovative AI-based products. Its goal is to help people find solutions to their queries quicker and easier using natural language. Their chatbot has been trusted by various organisations to provide customer support and engage customers.

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Naveen Yembadi, the Corporate Vice President from Microsoft, spokesperson for ChatGPT has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. He is a leader in the development of AI and Machine Learning with an aim to improve businesses and customer engagements. He is also an advocate of using AI to create interactive and personalized customer experiences.

In conclusion, the new feature of ChatGPT powered by Bing search engine helps it to stay competitive in the AI chatbot war. Along with citation and web references for every query, the advancements of both ChatGPT and Bard are taking the AI technology to unprecedented heights.

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