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Mastering Claude AI: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Utilize It in Venezuela

Discover the capabilities of Claude AI, the AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, which can analyze a book of up to 75,000 words in under 30 seconds. Simplify your tasks with this valuable tool.

Carrefour Launches ChatGPT Tools to Aid Shoppers in Supermarkets

Discover how Carrefour is revolutionizing customer experience and working methods with their new ChatGPT service powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 family of language models and generative AI technology.

Build a Chat Application for Your Website using ChatGPT

Is ChatGPT really effective in generating code from natural language? Make Use Of tested it by building a web app from scratch. Results were impressive. Read more!

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars Welcoming AI Passenger in ChatGPT

Mercedes-Benz introduces revolutionary AI feature that allows passengers to converse with ChatGPT voice assistant. Available in over 900,000 US vehicles starting June 16, 2023. Freeing drivers to focus on the road, the assistant can respond to questions, follow-up questions & even conduct conversations using natural language. Participate in the three-month beta program by downloading the Mercedes me app or initiating, Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.

Generative AI’s Biggest Impacts on High Earners, Not Low-Paid Jobs: McKinsey Analysis

Discover how generative AI could potentially impact high earners in knowledge work, including decision-making and collaboration, and the concerns surrounding it.


The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover

Uncover the hidden dangers of AI in The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover - stay informed and vigilant.

OpenAI’s Project Strawberry Revolutionizes AI Reasoning Capabilities

Discover how OpenAI's Project Strawberry is revolutionizing AI reasoning capabilities, pushing the boundaries of intelligent machines. #OpenAI #AI

AI Discovery: New Antibiotic Abaucin Battles Superbugs

Discover the potential of AI in antibiotic discovery with the new antibiotic Abaucin battling superbugs. Exciting breakthrough in medical science!

NTT DATA South African Team Revolutionizes Tour de France with Data-Driven Innovation

NTT DATA's South African Team revolutionizes Tour de France with data-driven innovation, providing real-time insights for fans worldwide.