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Advait is our expert writer and manager for the Artificial Intelligence category. His passion for AI research and its advancements drives him to deliver in-depth articles that explore the frontiers of this rapidly evolving field. Advait's articles delve into the latest breakthroughs, trends, and ethical considerations, keeping readers at the forefront of AI knowledge.

Exclusive articles:

Fly Dune’s Most Iconic Vehicle Soon in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Get ready to soar over the world of Dune in Microsoft Flight Simulator's upcoming expansion. Experience the thrill of piloting the iconic Ornithopter, and explore Arrakis like never before. Launching November 3rd!

Truecaller Brings Back Call Recording Feature for Premium Users

Truecaller has reintroduced call recording for premium users on iOS and Android. Users will hear a beep signaling recording and all recordings will be stored locally. Transcripts and AI detection coming soon.

Mistral AI Raises €105M in Europe’s Biggest Seed Funding Round.

Mistral AI secures €105m in Europe's largest-ever seed round, targeting enterprise AI solutions. Developing a large language model which is open-sourced, without legal issues and copyright infringement.

Threat Actors Utilize Generative AI to Enhance Email Attacks: New Study

Discover how cybercriminals are using generative AI, including ChatGPT, to create more convincing email attacks. Learn about the risks and how to protect your organization.

EU Funds Multiple Huawei Projects Despite European Ban.

Despite security concerns, the EU has reportedly funded Huawei for projects including 6G, AI, cloud computing, and more. Is this a wise investment?


The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover

Uncover the hidden dangers of AI in The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover - stay informed and vigilant.

OpenAI’s Project Strawberry Revolutionizes AI Reasoning Capabilities

Discover how OpenAI's Project Strawberry is revolutionizing AI reasoning capabilities, pushing the boundaries of intelligent machines. #OpenAI #AI

AI Discovery: New Antibiotic Abaucin Battles Superbugs

Discover the potential of AI in antibiotic discovery with the new antibiotic Abaucin battling superbugs. Exciting breakthrough in medical science!

NTT DATA South African Team Revolutionizes Tour de France with Data-Driven Innovation

NTT DATA's South African Team revolutionizes Tour de France with data-driven innovation, providing real-time insights for fans worldwide.