’s Innovative Strategy to Challenge Google’s Search Supremacy


A search engine startup called is beginning to challenge Google’s search dominance, thanks to its founder Richard Socher’s expertise in AI technology. Socher, who wrote an influential doctoral thesis about natural language processing in 2014, has helped pave the way for groundbreaking AI technology in recent years. He launched MetaMind shortly after his thesis was published, which Salesforce later acquired. As chief scientist at Salesforce, he then helped build the AI layer which the company calls Einstein.

Now the CEO of, Socher recognizes the challenges ahead of him, but believes his time and ability to innovate give him the edge he needs to chip away at Google’s search hegemony. He’s undaunted by the recent failure of Neeva, a search engine start-up founded by two Google veterans, which was acquired by Snowflake. Socher says is already much larger in terms of users than Neeva ever was.

Despite his confidence, Socher recognizes that, which raised $45 million, must make revenue to succeed. While he has primarily focused on growth in the past, he will shift his focus to revenue moving forward. Socher’s groundbreaking research on AI helped to set the stage for today’s remarkable advances. As a scientist, he feels gratified to see his research being put to practical use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What is is a search engine startup that aims to challenge Google's search dominance using AI technology.

Who is the founder of

The founder of is Richard Socher, who is an expert in AI technology and has worked on groundbreaking research on natural language processing.

What is Richard Socher's background?

Richard Socher wrote a doctoral thesis on natural language processing in 2014 and launched MetaMind shortly after, which was later acquired by Salesforce. He then became the Chief Scientist at Salesforce where he helped build the AI layer called Einstein.

How does plan to challenge Google's search supremacy? plans to use AI technology to offer personalized and intuitive search results to its users, making it a strong competitor to Google.

Has faced any challenges in its journey so far?

So far, has not faced any significant challenges. However, the founder acknowledges the difficulties that come with challenging Google's search hegemony.

How does plan to make revenue?

While has primarily focused on growth in the past, the company will shift its focus to revenue moving forward.

How much funding has raised so far? has raised $45 million in funding.

Is larger than Neeva in terms of users?

Yes, according to Richard Socher, is much larger in terms of users than Neeva ever was.

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