Wikipedia Founder Criticizes ChatGPT’s Accuracy, Questions AI’s Ability to Rival Humans


Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales expressed criticism towards OpenAI’s ChatGPT and questioned the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to rival human capabilities during a recent tech summit. He referred to ChatGPT as pretty bad due to its frequent errors, despite the growing popularity of AI. Wales argued that large language models like ChatGPT are still three decades away from reaching the level of human capabilities. The comments come amidst concerns and discussions surrounding OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as well as the efforts of other major tech firms like Microsoft and Google in the field of AI.

Wales also took a swipe at former Twitter CEO and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, citing that the social media platform is not a reliable source of accurate information. At the summit, Wales emphasized that generative AI would not be used to write articles directly but rather as a tool to enhance existing content. He suggested that AI could search for missing statements in Wikipedia entries or identify relevant information from various sources. However, Wales pointed out that AI tends to excel in content that is already widely written about, whereas it struggles with more obscure topics.

While concerns about AI impacting jobs persist, a recent study published in the open access journal Family Medicine and Community Health revealed that ChatGPT may perform better than doctors in following recognized treatment standards for clinical depression. Wales’s comments shed light on the limitations and challenges associated with AI, particularly in relation to its accuracy and usefulness for specific purposes.

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