VelocityEHS Launches Groundbreaking 3D Ergonomics Solution


VelocityEHS, a global leader in enterprise EHS & ESG software solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking 3D model for motion capture in its Industrial Ergonomics Solution. This innovation utilizes cutting-edge research, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and neural network technology to accurately assess musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risks in three dimensions.

According to Dr. Julia Penfield, VP of Research & Machine Learning at VelocityEHS, the new 3D model was developed using a proprietary dataset to significantly enhance accuracy and reliability. This advancement empowers ergonomics professionals of all levels to achieve expert-level results efficiently.

The transition from a 2D to a 3D model for motion capture is a result of collaboration between experts in Machine Learning, academic researchers, and certified professional ergonomists. By analyzing videos, images, and conducting extensive testing, VelocityEHS has created a model that sets a new standard for quality and comprehensiveness in assessing MSD risks.

Key features of the update include automated scoring of wrist postures, side bending, back twisting, and comprehensive data for body regions that may be obstructed from view. This new technology has proven to be 50% more accurate in quantifying body segment angles than its predecessor and can capture data for elbows, shoulders, back, and neck even when segments are temporarily hidden.

In addition to the 3D model, VelocityEHS has introduced an Interactive Posture Risk Timeline, enabling more effective analysis of MSD risk factors. The software assists users in identifying the moments of highest risk and selecting appropriate controls to address potential issues before they lead to MSDs.

The ease of use remains a priority, as current Velocity Ergonomics customers will experience automatic updates with the new features. By simply uploading a video of a worker performing a task, the software takes care of the rest, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in MSD risk assessment.

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This significant leap forward in Industrial Ergonomics Solutions underscores VelocityEHS’s commitment to innovation and excellence in EHS technology. With a focus on reducing workplace injuries and improving operational outcomes, the 3D model for motion capture represents a game-changer in the field of ergonomics.

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