US Regulation on AI Needs Attention from ChatGPT Creator


The creator of advanced chatbot ChatGPT, Sam Altman, has called on US lawmakers to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). He recently appeared before a US Senate committee to discuss the vast possibilities – and potential hazards – of this new technology. With several AI models having been released in recent months, Mr Altman believes a new agency must be formed to properly license AI companies.

ChatGPT and other AI-based programs are capable of producing incredibly human-like responses to questions but can at times be inaccurate. Mr Altman is the spokesperson of this budding industry and has been vocal about addressing the ethical questions surrounding AI. He stresses the importance of prevention by working directly with the government to prevent any potential disaster that could arise. Noting the potential impact of AI on the economy, Mr Altman is conscious of the likely job displacement AI technology could cause. He hopes that the government will be able to come up with solutions to mitigate the consequences.

Although Mr Altman is optimistic about the opportunities AI could bring to humanity, there are those in the US Senate who are concerned about its potential risks. There has been bipartisan support for a new agency to regulate the industry, however, as the technology is developing rapidly, senators worry about the capability of such a body to keep up.

The company mentioned in this article is OpenAI, a technology company founded by Sam Altman that specializes in artificial intelligence research and applications. OpenAI works on making sure AI is used in a responsible manner and works towards achieving humane goals with the help of AI.

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Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI as well as the spokesperson of the burgeoning AI industry. His work has been instrumental in raising the awareness about the ethical questions posed by the development of AI. He has pushed for more regulation to ensure that AI is used responsibly and has advocated for more transparency in the industry. He also acknowledged the potential danger that could result if the technology is not regulated properly.

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