Turning University Spinouts into Commercial Success: A Must-attend Talk at TNW Conference


Turning a university spinout into a commercial success is no easy feat, but it is a highly achievable one, especially in the tech industry. Europe has some of the greatest scientific minds in the world, and with the right support and guidance, these individuals can bring their innovative ideas to the world. At TNW Conference this June, experts Krijn de Nood, Julie Hawkins and Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit will be discussing the issues involved in transferring academic ideas into commercial success.

Krijn de Nood is the CEO of the trailblazing company Meatable: a spinout from the University of Maastricht which is developing lab-grown meat products. Julie Hawkins is a General Partner at the UK-based early-stage venture capital firm Local Globe. Lastly, Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit is the Vice President of University Medical Center Groningen and the founder of abcdeSIM, an e-learning spinout from the Erasmus University Medical Center.

The speakers will be exploring the successes of university spinouts that made it to market, as well as some of the major obstacles they have to address in the process. These include bridging the financial gap, developing go-to-market strategies and helping foster the entrepreneurial skills necessary for commercial success. Additionally, they will be looking into issues concerning high equity demands, the lengthy spinout process and acquiring later-stage funding.

Through this talk, potential founders will gain access to the steps needed to bring their innovations to market. Knowing the way from academia to real-world industry adds substantial value and can help turn dreams into reality. Therefore, if an individual would like to learn more about the unique hurdles related to university-born ventures and achieve commercial success with their spinout, they have to attend this talk!

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