Timbaland Explores Artificial Intelligence for Music Creation


Timbaland has been a leader in the music industry for decades, beginning his legacy with Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and Missy Elliot. As an artist and trailblazer, he is known for setting trends and this time, he is embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for music production. This comes as the music industry has been increasingly using deep fake art replicating famous artists, for better or worse – such as a viral David Guetta and Eminem collaboration, and a Drake and The Weeknd false duet song that was taken down after the label saw it.

Though opinions about the use of AI for music production is divided, Timbaland has seen the potential that it can bring and is looking to legitimize the new technology. Recently, he admitted to using AI to recreate the voice of The Notorious B.I.G. for a track, which is an effort to preserve and continue the legacy of deceased artists. He states that with the correct commitment, AI can be an incredibly useful tool for producers, enabling them to create great music with lower costs.

Timbaland encourages the music industry to seriously embrace and integrate AI into the sector. He has gone on to say “I’m already here. This is what I’m doing. I’m going to lead the way.” As the industry looks to move forward and stay innovative, AI technology might be the way to go.

Timbaland is the main focus of this article. He has been the driving force behind so many iconic songs and performances by such acclaimed artists as Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and Ginuwine. He is a true innovator and has constantly been pushing the envelope; and this time, he is looking to embrace AI technology for music production. Although views on the integration of AI in the industry are divided, Timbaland believes that it can be an incredibly beneficial tool and seeks to legitimize it for future work. He has already gone as far as to create a track with the re-created voice of The Notorious B.I.G., to further continue the legacy of deceased artists. He encourages the industry to embrace AI as he is actively doing so and striving to lead the way.

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