Testing Google Ads in AI Chatbot Search Results


Google is experimenting with ways to monetize its AI chatbot feature on Search. This feature, known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), allows users to ask questions about certain topics and receive informative, helpful responses. Now, Google plans to offer relevant ads alongside these AI-generated responses. For example, a query for “outdoor activities to do in Maui” may return a sponsored ad for a travel companies that has services for children’s surfing lessons in that location.

These sponsored ads will appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page, with a “Sponsored” label to differentiate them from the non-sponsored responses. Google has also announced plans to experiment with new ad formats that are native to the SGE experience, where ads are generated with AI and will be tailored to the interests of individual users. Additionally, the company announced its Performance Max feature for advertisers, which allows for customized text and image features in ad campaigns.

At the core of these new efforts is Google’s emphasis on offering users the best possible search experience. By providing relevant results and ads that are tailored to their needs and interests, the company hopes to provide users with a more comprehensive service that is also useful in helping them make purchasing decisions. With its investment in AI technology, Google is sure to continually explore new ways to monetize its search features while making sure it remains a reliable source of helpful information for users.

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