Google Launches Product Studio to Help Merchants Create Product Imagery Using AI Technology


Today, Google announced the launch of Product Studio — a new tool that enables merchants to create stunning product images with the help of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through Merchant Center Next, businesses have the chance to bring their products to life and appeal to potential customers. With Product Studio, merchants can quickly and easily create product imagery at no extra cost. By simply suggesting a product theme, Product Studio can provide a unique product imagery with additional backgrounds and higher quality of small or low-resolution images.

Furthermore, during the Google Marketing Live event, Google also took this opportunity to make it easier for businesses to list on Google within the Merchant Center Next platform. Businesses will no longer need to manually add details such as product description, prices and pictures. Instead, Google will automatically populate the feed with the information it can detect from the website. This enables merchants to access all relevant insights reports in one place, as well as manage their product inventory in one comprehensive view.

Matt Madrigal, Google’s Vice President and General Manager of Merchant Shopping, stated that product-focused technologies — such as AI — have played an essential role in Google Shopping products for a while. The launch of Product Studio is a crucial step in bringing these advancements closer to small and medium-sized businesses. Although the features are only accessible in the US as of now, they are expected to be made available to merchants across the world in 2024. Additionally, Google and YouTube app on Shopify is currently also offering Product Studio.

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