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Physicians Lack Essential Skills to Utilize AI Tools in Clinical Practice

Improve patient care with AI tools by equipping physicians with the essential skills needed to effectively leverage clinical decision support algorithms.

Doctors Lack Skills to Interpret and Act on AI in Clinical Practice: Study, United States

Doctors lacking skills to interpret and act on AI in clinical practice, reveals study. This could hinder the full potential of AI in healthcare.

Improving Physicians’ Understanding of AI Tools for Optimal Medical Decision-Making: Expert Recommendations

Improve Physicians' Understanding of AI Tools for Optimal Decision-Making. Learn how experts recommend targeted training and hands-on learning to enhance physicians' understanding and use of AI tools in medicine.

Ara Darzi: Revolutionary Surgeon Who Transformed British Healthcare

Discover how Ara Darzi revolutionized British healthcare through innovative technologies and crucial reforms, improving patient care and outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot GPT-4 Shows Promise in Medical Diagnosis Training, United States (US)

Discover how GPT-4, the latest AI chatbot by OpenAI, is transforming medical diagnosis training, helping doctors reach accurate diagnoses with expert assistance.


Unlocking Franchise Success: Leveraging Cognitive Biases in Sales

Unlock franchise success by leveraging cognitive biases in sales. Use psychology to craft compelling narratives and drive successful deals.

Wiz Walks Away from $23B Google Deal, Pursues IPO Instead

Wiz Walks away from $23B Google Deal in favor of pursuing IPO. Investors gear up for trading with updates on market performance and key developments.

Southern Punjab Secretariat Leads Pakistan in AI Adoption, Prominent Figures Attend Demo

Experience how South Punjab Secretariat leads Pakistan in AI adoption with a demo attended by prominent figures. Learn about their groundbreaking initiative.

AI Revolutionizes Media Industry with Perifery AI+ 2.0 Suite

Discover how Perifery AI+ 2.0 suite revolutionizes the media industry with advanced AI technology for content monetization and automation.