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AI Experts Unveil Strategies to Revolutionize UP’s Economy at Sectoral Conclave

Discover how AI experts are revolutionizing Uttar Pradesh's economy at a sectoral conclave. Explore innovative strategies for growth and development.

The Ethical Challenges of AI: Globe’s Commitment to Responsible Innovation

Discover the ethical challenges of AI and learn how Globe prioritizes responsible innovation. Find out how they address specification gaming and ensure AI in healthcare is safe and respectful.

New Non-Profit Alliance Uses AI to Combat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Discover how the 10,000 Brains Project aims to combat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's using AI. Join the collaborative effort for precision medicine and advancements in neurodegenerative research.

Machine Learning Model Predicts Post-Surgery Prognoses to Aid Decision-Making

Machine learning model predicts post-surgery prognoses, aiding decision-making for lumbar disc herniation surgery. Findings have significant implications for spine care.

India’s AI Advancements Could Propel it to a $5 Trillion Economy, says Microsoft CEO

Discover how India's AI advancements are propelling it towards a $5 trillion economy, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shares his insights. Exciting potential for growth!


ChatGPT AI Malfunction Sparks Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT AI malfunction sparks privacy concerns as users report erratic behavior and confusing responses. OpenAI investigates the issue.

ChatGPT AI Goes Unhinged: Users Flood Social Media with Nonsensical Responses

Discover how users are flooding social media platforms with nonsensical responses from ChatGPT AI. Learn more about the issues and solutions.

BharatGPT Launches Hanooman AI Model with Multilingual Skills for Healthcare and Governance in India

BharatGPT launches Hanooman AI model with multilingual skills for healthcare and governance in India, set to revolutionize the tech landscape.

OpenAI’s Chatbot Goes Haywire, Responds in Gibberish – Users Bewildered

OpenAI's ChatGPT behaving erratically with nonsensical responses. Users baffled by gibberish as OpenAI investigates the issue.