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Dubai’s Business Climate Index Surges in Q1 2024, Promising Growth & Investment Opportunities

Discover investment opportunities in Dubai's booming business climate. Q1 2024 saw a surge in the Business Climate Index, reflecting growing confidence and optimism.

ALX Nigeria’s Tech Training Program to Bridge Digital Skills Gap in Nigeria

ALX Nigeria's tech training program addresses the digital skills gap in Nigeria, equipping youths with necessary digital skills at no cost.

Indian Startups Overcome Challenges, Embrace Technology and Collaboration for Massive Growth

Indian startups overcome challenges and embrace technology and collaboration for massive growth in key sectors like fintech, health, and agriculture.

SingularityNET Relocates to Crypto Hub Zug in Switzerland, Expands Web3 Vision

SingularityNET relocates to Switzerland's Crypto Hub Zug, expanding its Web3 vision for decentralised AI marketplace.

Is ServiceNow Worth the High Price Tag? Tech Giant’s Growth and Valuation Raise Concerns

Is ServiceNow worth the price? Concerns arise over its growth and valuation as the tech giant's stock surges. Explore the pros and cons. #ServiceNow


ChatGPT AI Malfunction Sparks Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT AI malfunction sparks privacy concerns as users report erratic behavior and confusing responses. OpenAI investigates the issue.

ChatGPT AI Goes Unhinged: Users Flood Social Media with Nonsensical Responses

Discover how users are flooding social media platforms with nonsensical responses from ChatGPT AI. Learn more about the issues and solutions.

BharatGPT Launches Hanooman AI Model with Multilingual Skills for Healthcare and Governance in India

BharatGPT launches Hanooman AI model with multilingual skills for healthcare and governance in India, set to revolutionize the tech landscape.

OpenAI’s Chatbot Goes Haywire, Responds in Gibberish – Users Bewildered

OpenAI's ChatGPT behaving erratically with nonsensical responses. Users baffled by gibberish as OpenAI investigates the issue.