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US Sets New AI Rules to Improve Safety and Security

The US issues executive order to improve AI safety and security, requiring transparency, labeling, and adherence to NIST standards.

Biden Signs Executive Order Advancing Safe and Responsible AI Development, US

President Biden's executive order prioritizes safe and responsible AI development, establishing hiring authorities to enhance capabilities.

Biden’s AI Executive Order: Impact on Employers and International Hiring, US

Learn how President Biden's executive order on AI impacts employers and international hiring, emphasizing worker safety and rights. Navigate the changing AI landscape successfully.

President Biden’s Executive Order on AI Sparks Doubt and Raises Legal Questions, US

President Biden's executive order on AI raises doubts and legal questions. Lack of statutory authority and impractical regulations limit its impact.

President Biden’s AI Order Sparks Tug of War Over Government’s Role

President Biden's executive order on AI regulation sparks debate on government's role. Specific responsibilities assigned to departments and call for regulations to address bias.


Unlocking Franchise Success: Leveraging Cognitive Biases in Sales

Unlock franchise success by leveraging cognitive biases in sales. Use psychology to craft compelling narratives and drive successful deals.

Wiz Walks Away from $23B Google Deal, Pursues IPO Instead

Wiz Walks away from $23B Google Deal in favor of pursuing IPO. Investors gear up for trading with updates on market performance and key developments.

Southern Punjab Secretariat Leads Pakistan in AI Adoption, Prominent Figures Attend Demo

Experience how South Punjab Secretariat leads Pakistan in AI adoption with a demo attended by prominent figures. Learn about their groundbreaking initiative.

AI Revolutionizes Media Industry with Perifery AI+ 2.0 Suite

Discover how Perifery AI+ 2.0 suite revolutionizes the media industry with advanced AI technology for content monetization and automation.