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The Importance of a Guiding Philosophy for AI Technology

Former US Secretary of State Kissinger and computer scientists express concern over the lack of a guiding philosophy for AI. The risks and benefits coexist in the AI age, making it essential to develop a guiding philosophy to address ethical and philosophical questions.

Former Google CEO Claims AI Tools Such as ChatGPT Could Bring Danger to People

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke out on the dangers of emerging AI technology, citing it as an "existential threat" and leading tech figures Elon Musk joined the call for monitored and regulated development. Discover the steps that must be taken to ensure AI is used responsibly for a brighter future.

Sam Altman and Sundar Pichai Urge Governments to Regulate AI

OpenAI and Google are calling for governments to regulate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) forces they have unleashed. Sam Altman of OpenAI and Sundar Pichai of Google agree AI is so powerful, regulations are needed to manage its potential risks and enable innovation. They suggest a global collaboration on regulations and an international authority to monitor AI systems and ensure their safety.

Altman of OpenAI Proposes Creation of IAEA-like Body to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI, a research organization dedicated to the development of AI, is advocating for an international watchdog to ensure ethical use of this technology. A bill proposed by Senator Michael Bennet will create a digital platform commission to monitor AI progress. OpenAI is committed to responsible AI and calls for closer regulations.

OpenAI Launches New Paid ChatGPT Platform

OpenAI is revolutionizing artificial intelligence, providing enterprise customers with increased control and privacy over data, and expanding access to its ChatGPT service. Plus, new features and faster response times exclusively for ChatGPT Plus users. Immerse yourself in OpenAI's AI driven technology and discover how it can transform humanity.


The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover

Uncover the hidden dangers of AI in The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover - stay informed and vigilant.

OpenAI’s Project Strawberry Revolutionizes AI Reasoning Capabilities

Discover how OpenAI's Project Strawberry is revolutionizing AI reasoning capabilities, pushing the boundaries of intelligent machines. #OpenAI #AI

AI Discovery: New Antibiotic Abaucin Battles Superbugs

Discover the potential of AI in antibiotic discovery with the new antibiotic Abaucin battling superbugs. Exciting breakthrough in medical science!

NTT DATA South African Team Revolutionizes Tour de France with Data-Driven Innovation

NTT DATA's South African Team revolutionizes Tour de France with data-driven innovation, providing real-time insights for fans worldwide.