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Google Workspace enhances your slides with AI-generated images

Boost your productivity with Google Workspace's AI image generation feature in Slides. Easily write, visualize, and organize stunning presentations with the power of Duet AI.

Google Cloud Expands AI Offerings with New Tools, Programs, and Partnerships

Google Cloud expands its Generative AI offerings with new tools, programs, and services for businesses. Access has been widened through Vertex AI and Duet AI platforms, and education programs and consulting services have been introduced. The Generative AI Studio helps monitor and control AI systems that impact businesses directly.

Testing Google’s New AI Writing Assistant

Discover Google's new AI Writing Assistant, Helps Me Write, which can assist with emails, essays, and full drafts from brief descriptions. You can use the tool for job applications, client letters, and more. Give it a try and experience revolutionary AI tech today.


The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover

Uncover the hidden dangers of AI in The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover - stay informed and vigilant.

OpenAI’s Project Strawberry Revolutionizes AI Reasoning Capabilities

Discover how OpenAI's Project Strawberry is revolutionizing AI reasoning capabilities, pushing the boundaries of intelligent machines. #OpenAI #AI

AI Discovery: New Antibiotic Abaucin Battles Superbugs

Discover the potential of AI in antibiotic discovery with the new antibiotic Abaucin battling superbugs. Exciting breakthrough in medical science!

NTT DATA South African Team Revolutionizes Tour de France with Data-Driven Innovation

NTT DATA's South African Team revolutionizes Tour de France with data-driven innovation, providing real-time insights for fans worldwide.