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Revolutionizing Business Operations: Unveiling the Comprehensive Power of Corteiz

Corteiz: Revolutionizing Business Operations with its Comprehensive Power. Discover the adaptable platform that enhances CRM, DMS, workflow automation, and e-commerce. Embrace the future with Corteiz.

Salesforce (CRM) Exceeds Expectations with Strong Q2 Earnings and Raised Outlook

Salesforce surpasses expectations in Q2 earnings, driven by AI investments. Raised revenue outlook and strong cross-selling show promising growth prospects.

Salesforce increases prices for top cloud products

Salesforce raises prices for top cloud products after 7 years - What does this mean for customers? Find out more about the industry-wide trend and how it may impact you.

Generative AI Needs to Evolve with More Inclusivity, OpenAI CEO Suggests

Learn why generative AI like ChatGPT must be more inclusive to be widely accepted. CEO of OpenAI calls for public involvement to mitigate risks and for regulations. Develop AI to enhance human capabilities.

Best Cloud Phone System and PBX for 2023

Discover the top-rated cloud-based phone systems of 2023. From RingCentral MVP to Grasshopper, these systems revolutionize communication and boost productivity.


The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover

Uncover the hidden dangers of AI in The Trojan Horse of Artificial Intelligence: A Global Technological Takeover - stay informed and vigilant.

OpenAI’s Project Strawberry Revolutionizes AI Reasoning Capabilities

Discover how OpenAI's Project Strawberry is revolutionizing AI reasoning capabilities, pushing the boundaries of intelligent machines. #OpenAI #AI

AI Discovery: New Antibiotic Abaucin Battles Superbugs

Discover the potential of AI in antibiotic discovery with the new antibiotic Abaucin battling superbugs. Exciting breakthrough in medical science!

NTT DATA South African Team Revolutionizes Tour de France with Data-Driven Innovation

NTT DATA's South African Team revolutionizes Tour de France with data-driven innovation, providing real-time insights for fans worldwide.