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Judge’s Unprecedented Jury Instruction in Trump Trial Sparks Outrage

Judge's unprecedented jury instruction in Trump trial sparks outrage. Controversial move raises questions about fairness and trial proceedings.

Controversy Surrounds OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Amid Resignations

Controversy surrounds OpenAI CEO Sam Altman amid resignations, sparking debate over AI safety and the company's practices.

Google AI Raises Concerns Over Bias and Misinformation with Gemini Model

Discover how Google AI's latest controversy sparks debate on societal bias and misinformation, raising concerns over bias and accuracy.

OpenAI Reverses Controversial Stock Policy, Removes NDAs from Departure Paperwork

OpenAI reverses controversial NDAs, removes stock policy, demonstrates commitment to transparency and employee welfare.

OpenAI Apologizes for Non-Disparagement Clause in Contracts, Scarlett Johansson Voices Concerns

OpenAI apologizes for non-disparagement clause in contracts, Scarlett Johansson voices concerns. Addressing employee issues and AI impact on actors.


Groundbreaking Study: Paralyzed Patients Speak with Power of Thought

Groundbreaking study reveals paralyzed patients can speak through thoughts. Discover how this discovery could transform communication for individuals with severe disabilities.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Full-Stack Observability Boosts Services and Security

Revolutionize healthcare with Full-Stack Observability: boost services, enhance security, and improve patient experiences.

AI Stocks Poised for Growth: Broadcom & Alphabet Shine

Invest in Broadcom & Alphabet, top AI stocks poised for growth in the near future. Diversify your portfolio with these potential winners!

First Universal Basic Income Trial Findings: $1,000 Monthly Impact Revealed

Discover the impact of the First Universal Basic Income Trial's $1,000 monthly findings on participants' spending habits and future initiatives.