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SoftBank’s $100B AI Chip Venture to Challenge Nvidia: A Game-Changer?

SoftBank's $100B AI chip venture aims to rival Nvidia, signaling a game-changing move in the AI industry.

Nvidia’s Stake in Smaller AI Firms Fuels Market Rally, Revealing Growth Strategy

Discover how Nvidia's stake in smaller AI firms is fueling a market rally, showcasing their growth strategy and increasing influence in the AI world.

Arm’s Sky-High Valuation Poses Risks, Safer Bet Lies in Intel’s Foundry Business

Arm Holding's high valuation poses risks, but Intel's foundry business offers a safer bet for investors. Discover why in this article.

Arm Holdings Soars as Investors Hype AI Potential, Ignoring CPU Focus

Arm Holdings soars as investors hype AI potential, ignoring CPU focus. Find out why experts question the connection between Arm and AI.

Arm Holdings Stock Skyrockets as Investors Bet on AI Boom

Arm Holdings' stock skyrockets as investors bet on AI boom: Strong sales and demand for AI-related technology drive significant surge in stock market value.


Asian Shares Rise as Investors Eye Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Decision

Asian shares rise as investors await Bank of Japan's monetary policy decision. Market optimism grows amid potential interest rate cuts.

Dispute Over Gene-Edited Crop Patents Engulfs Europe

The heated debate over gene-edited crop patents in Europe is sparking controversy over intellectual property rights in agriculture.

Elon Musk’s Warning on Apple’s Data Sharing Sparks Controversy

Elon Musk sparks controversy with Apple's data sharing warning, while Tamil producer Bava thanks Musk for meme featuring his film poster.

Apple Teams with OpenAI for Revolutionary AI Integration on iPhone

Apple and OpenAI join forces for AI integration on iPhone, enhancing Siri and offering new functionalities with ChatGPT without extra costs.