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Visa Blocks $40B in Fraud with AI; Mastercard & Paypal Follow Suit

Visa utilizes AI to block $40B in fraud, with Mastercard & Paypal following suit. Stay ahead of digital payment security with Visa's innovative approach.

Top Cloud Platforms for Machine Learning 2024: Unleashing AI Innovation

Unleash AI innovation with top cloud platforms for machine learning in 2024, offering scalable infrastructure and advanced tools for AI development.

OpenAI CEO Reveals Surprising Journey from Nonprofit to Profit Model

Discover OpenAI CEO's surprising journey from nonprofit to profit model. Insights on name change, Musk's concerns, and commitment to accessible AI tools.

Google Cloud Unveils New AI Capabilities for Healthcare Data Analysis

Discover the latest AI tools from Google Cloud for healthcare data analysis at HIMSS. Revolutionize patient care with Vertex AI Search and MedLM models.

Securing Healthcare APIs Against ChatGPT Threats with CNAPP: A Critical Imperative

Protect healthcare APIs from ChatGPT threats with CNAPP to safeguard patient data and ensure compliance.


Canada Boosts Arctic Defence Amid Climate Change Threats

Canada ramps up Arctic defense amid climate change threats with new policy, Arctic-compatible vehicles, and potential nuclear submarines.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Joins Billionaire Club, Trails Behind Elon Musk

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman now a billionaire, but still trails behind Elon Musk in tech industry dominance.

Smart Ways Retirees Can Maximize Social Security Checks

Discover 7 smart ways retirees can maximize their Social Security checks, from covering essentials to investing for the future.

Generative AI Surge: ChatGPT Revolutionizes Workplace Dynamics

Discover how ChatGPT is revolutionizing workplace dynamics among younger employees. Explore the rising trend of generative AI tools in the workplace.