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New AI EVI with Emotional Intelligence Set to Revolutionize Voice Interfaces

Discover how Hume AI's EVI with Emotional Intelligence is set to revolutionize voice interfaces. Scheduled for release in April!

New Guidelines Ensure Transparency in AI Data Usage

New guidelines by the PDPC promote transparency in AI data usage, ensuring accountability and consumer empowerment.

OpenAI Claims New York Times Hacked AI Systems in Lawsuit Dispute

OpenAI accuses New York Times of hacking AI systems in lawsuit dispute. Will court dismiss deceptive allegations? Stay tuned.

Google Temporarily Halts AI’s Historical Image Generation Due to Racial Inaccuracies

Google pauses AI's historical image generation due to racial inaccuracies. Stay tuned for updates on Google's efforts to address the issue.

OpenAI Updates ChatGPT with Long-Term Memory, Enhancing Personalized Conversations

OpenAI introduces Memory feature to ChatGPT, enhancing personalized conversations and revolutionizing the interactive capabilities of AI.


Anthropic Launches Advanced Claude AI Chatbot for Android Users, Revolutionizing Conversations and Document Analysis

Anthropic's Claude AI Chatbot for Android offers advanced features for seamless conversations and document analysis, revolutionizing user experience.

ChatGPT Plus: Is it Worth the Investment for Advanced Content Generation?

Discover if ChatGPT Plus is worth the investment for advanced content generation. Compare features and benefits for improved AI language model.

Tech Giants Invest Billions in Aragon’s Renewable Cloud Centers

Tech giants invest billions in Aragon's renewable cloud centers, making it Europe's leading hub for cloud storage. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge development!

Tech Giants Google & Microsoft’s Huge Energy Consumption Over 100 Countries Combined

Discover how tech giants Google & Microsoft's huge energy consumption exceeds countries' power usage, driving the need for sustainability.