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Sora LLM: Revolutionizing Videos with AI Technology

Discover how Sora LLM is revolutionizing videos with AI technology and the impact it has on various industries. Harness the power of innovation responsibly.

EU Parliament Passes Groundbreaking AI Law: Bans Biometric Use by Law Enforcement

EU Parliament passes groundbreaking AI law, banning biometric use by law enforcement. Regulation aims to safeguard rights and promote innovation.

Adobe Launches AI-Powered Assistant for Documents

Discover how Adobe is revolutionizing document management with its AI-powered assistant, enhancing productivity and user experience globally.

Bipartisan AI Task Force Formed in House to Lead U.S. Policy Development

Bipartisan AI Task Force formed in House to lead U.S. policy development for AI legislation and regulation. Will it pave the way for comprehensive AI laws?

Government to Release Draft AI Regulations by July

Government of India set to release draft AI regulations by July 2024, focusing on economic growth and safety in AI use.


Samsung Surpasses Apple in Global Smartphone Market Share Amid Growing Competition

Samsung overtakes Apple in global smartphone market share amid rising competition, with iPhone sales declining by 10% in Q1 2024.

Meta Unveils AR Glasses with OLED Display & Snapdragon Chip, Set for 2027 Release

Discover what to expect from Meta's upcoming AR Glasses with OLED display & Snapdragon chip, set for a 2027 release. Stay updated on the latest features!

Canada Boosts Arctic Defence Amid Climate Change Threats

Canada ramps up Arctic defense amid climate change threats with new policy, Arctic-compatible vehicles, and potential nuclear submarines.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Joins Billionaire Club, Trails Behind Elon Musk

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman now a billionaire, but still trails behind Elon Musk in tech industry dominance.