SREB Launches Commission on AI in Education with SC Governor, WV University President Co-Chairing


The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) has recently announced the establishment of a new Commission on Artificial Intelligence and Education, aiming to bring together leaders from the education and business sectors to navigate the integration of AI in classrooms and the evolving workforce landscape. The commission will be co-chaired by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and Marshall University President Brad D. Smith from West Virginia.

Comprising 16 states within the SREB network, the commission will include members from various backgrounds, such as governors’ offices, education agencies, workforce agencies, K-12 and postsecondary faculty, as well as business executives. The initial meeting of the commission is scheduled for March 2024, where research, industry data, and expert insights will be reviewed to shape focus recommendations.

With AI technology reshaping educational and professional environments, there is a proactive call for preparing students for a future where AI plays a pivotal role. SREB President Stephen L. Pruitt highlighted the urgency to adapt to this transformative shift and underlined the importance of creating a roadmap to equip individuals for an AI-driven world.

SREB’s non-partisan and nonprofit status positions it as a hub for facilitating collaborative efforts among member states to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education and workforce development. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of its member states, SREB aims to guide the integration of AI in educational settings and workforce preparation strategies.

As the Commission on Artificial Intelligence and Education takes shape, the imminent insights and recommendations are expected to influence policy decisions, curriculum development, and training programs across the SREB states. By fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, the commission seeks to pave the way for a future where AI enriches educational experiences and empowers individuals to thrive in an increasingly digital era.

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