South Korea’s ChatGPT App Surpasses 3 Million Users, Dominated by Young Adults and Men


The number of South Koreans using the ChatGPT mobile app has exceeded 3 million, making up 6 percent of the country’s smartphone users, according to a recent report from Wiseapp Retail Goods.

This rapid growth in users has seen a significant increase in just four months, almost doubling from 1.62 million in January to 3.15 million in May. This surge highlights the growing popularity of the AI-powered chatbot among the South Korean population.

Analysis of the user demographics reveals that over half of ChatGPT users in Korea fall into the 20s and 30s age groups, accounting for 52 percent of the total user base. Interestingly, the data shows that 14 percent of users are aged between 10 and 19, while only 1.8 percent are 60 years or older.

Moreover, there seems to be a gender imbalance among users, with men making up 60.4 percent of the total users, compared to women at 39.6 percent.

This data provides valuable insights into the increasing adoption of AI technology in South Korea, particularly among young adults. The popularity of the ChatGPT app signifies a shift towards more interactive and AI-driven solutions in the country’s tech-savvy population.

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