Riding the Waves of Innovation: Taiwanese Startups Build Upon Established Giants


Taiwanese startups are making waves by innovating on the shoulders of giants with ChatGPT, the record-breaking generative language model. DeepMentor is a software startup specialising in AI algorithms miniaturisation and optimisation to build AI systems for businesses, focusing on data privacy, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. DeepMentor is teaming up with top players in LLMs and Chips such as Axiomtek, to enhance AI tools, and is exploring smart healthcare by developing kiosks to facilitate simple consultations and provide interactive health education information. Meanwhile, PicSee, a renowned URL shortener brand, has taken advantage of the ChatGPT buzz to empower content creators. PicSee uses LLM to generate catchy headlines and compelling Facebook post suggestions for marketing professionals. Moreover, PicSee has established itself as the go-to solution for tracking codes, analytical reports, and managing short URL group accounts.



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