Red Earth: China’s First Sci-Fi Internet Movie Completed, Showcases Cutting-Edge Technologies


China has recently wrapped up shooting for its first-ever original science fiction internet movie, Red Earth. The completion announcement was made during the 15th Chinese Nebula Awards held in Chengdu, China.

Based on the work of Xiao Xinghan, a writer from Chongqing municipality, the film delves into a post-nuclear war setting where humanity has sought refuge underground. Here, they face off against genetically mutated creatures, fighting to preserve and resurrect human civilization.

Xiao shared that the film highlights the societal impacts of cutting-edge technologies, showcasing artificial intelligence and other advanced tools to create a visually stunning depiction of the future.

Lin Ran, the chief movie producer, expressed optimism for the sci-fi genre, citing successful films like The Wandering Earth and Three-Body Problem. Audiences are eagerly anticipating more such futuristic films and TV shows.

As China’s first original sci-fi internet movie, Red Earth marks an exciting milestone for the country’s entertainment industry, paving the way for more innovative storytelling and captivating visuals.

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