Rare Unsupervised Play Captures Essence of Childhood in Outback Australia


The 1839 Awards recently announced the winners of their Color Photography Contest, with photographers from 55 countries competing. The overall professional winner, Alexandrena Parker, captured the essence of unsupervised play among children, a rare sight in today’s world. Her work symbolizes the timeless connection between the landscape and childhood.

Meanwhile, the non-professional winner, Astrid Reischwitz, showcased her heritage through a unique blend of photography and embroidery. The competition also featured a variety of captivating entries, from a whimsical plate of pasta to a poignant portrayal of the war in Ukraine.

Amidst the celebration of color photography, a bit of controversy arose when a photographer submitted a non-AI image in the AI category and won the People’s Vote Award. Despite the disqualification that followed, this incident shed light on the evolving intersection of technology and artistic expression in photography.

This year’s 1839 Awards underscored the enduring impact of human creativity and artistry in capturing the world through the lens of a camera. For more stunning images from the contest, visit the official 1839 Awards website and witness the power of color photography to tell compelling stories.

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