Pfizer Expands AI Collaboration with Saama to Accelerate Clinical Research


Saama, a provider of AI-based solutions for clinical development and commercialization, has announced an expanded partnership with global biopharmaceutical leader Pfizer. The multi-year agreement aims to accelerate clinical research and streamline data review processes using artificial intelligence (AI).

The collaboration between Saama and Pfizer began in 2020 when they partnered to automate Pfizer’s data review processes with AI. The result of this initial collaboration was Smart Data Quality (SDQ), which significantly reduced the time to lock the database. Under the new agreement, Pfizer will continue to scale SDQ to streamline and accelerate data review processes across its global studies.

The success of their initial collaboration during the development of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine demonstrated the power of AI-enabled technology to improve and expedite the clinical trial process. Lisa Moneymaker, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer at Saama, believes that scaling across Pfizer’s broader portfolio will fundamentally change the way drug development is done, benefiting more people worldwide.

Demetris Zambas, Vice President and Global Head Data Monitoring and Management at Pfizer, emphasizes the importance of building a sustainable framework to accelerate analysis and reporting for clinical trials. The expanded partnership with Saama will leverage their cutting-edge AI-based technologies to reduce the time and effort required for data review and reconciliation, while improving data quality and consistency across routine and complex clinical studies.

The expanded agreement between Saama and Pfizer is not limited to SDQ. It also includes the adoption of Saama’s advanced Biometrics Research and Analysis Information Network, which aims to expedite regulatory submissions across Pfizer’s portfolio. This next-generation solution will streamline statistical programming and biostatistics workflows, digitize study specifications, and generate submission-ready tables, listings, and figures (TLF) artifacts. Furthermore, it sets the stage for future automation and innovation in accelerating trial submissions.

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Saama’s AI-based solutions use advanced technology to manage the high volume and variety of clinical trial data. By centralizing and standardizing data from multiple sources, these solutions enable streamlined medical review processes, improve patient safety oversight, predict participant behavior, and expedite clinical signal discovery, among other benefits.

The Saama platform, consisting of AI-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and solutions, supports the full spectrum of clinical development. To learn more about Saama and its customized solutions and services, or to schedule a personalized demonstration, visit their website.

Saama will also be present at booth 813 at the SCOPE Summit from February 11-14 in Orlando, Florida. This event presents an opportunity for industry professionals to connect and exchange ideas about clinical trial solutions and innovations.

About Saama:
Saama develops life science solutions that accelerate the delivery of therapies to patients. With innovative AI technologies, Saama drives breakthrough intelligence into clinical and commercial operations. The Saama platform powered the clinical trial that led to the development of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. Headquartered in Campbell, California, Saama has a global presence and is dedicated to helping customers save and improve lives.

Source: Business Wire

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