Nvidia Surges to $3 Trillion Market Cap, 2nd Most Valuable Tech Firm


Nvidia’s Rise Continues: Becomes Second Most Valuable Tech Firm

Nvidia’s value has surged to incredible heights, solidifying its position as the second most valuable tech firm in the world. The company’s share price has skyrocketed amidst the ongoing demand for AI chips, propelling its market capitalisation to an impressive $3.012 trillion.

In just 90 days, Nvidia has managed to add a staggering $1 trillion to its market value, a remarkable achievement considering its rapid growth trajectory. After crossing the $2 trillion mark earlier this year, Nvidia’s market capitalisation now exceeds that of tech giants like Apple and Google.

With a market capitalisation of $3.012 trillion, Nvidia trails behind only Microsoft in the realm of tech companies. This significant milestone highlights the company’s ongoing success and dominance in the tech industry.

Nvidia’s decision to split its stock ten-for-one on June 7 reflects its commitment to expanding its investor base and enhancing shareholder value. With its stock continuing to perform strongly, Nvidia remains a key player in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The company’s relentless focus on innovation and its ability to meet the growing demand for AI chips have positioned Nvidia as a powerhouse in the tech sector. As it continues to grow and evolve, Nvidia is set to shape the future of technology and drive further value for its investors.

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