Nvidia and Dell Join Forces to Bring AI to Your Business


Nvidia and Dell have recently announced their partnership to deliver AI-powered hardware and software solutions to enterprise customers. Through their most recent venture aptly named Project Helix, businesses can have access to the power of generative AI on-premises.

Project Helix will provide a comprehensive package of Dell and Nvidia’s expertise in hardware and software, while also providing blueprint and reference deployments for firms to effectively get started in AI. Dell will offer their PowerEdge servers such as the XE9680 and R760a for the hardware side, while Nvidia will provide their NVIDIA H100 tensor core GPUs which succeeds their A100 model.

Along with hardware, Nvidia will also offer their custom NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and the NeMo framework for generative AI solutions. Kari Briski, Vice President of software product management at Nvidia, further delved into the security of enterprise customers through on-premise AI, saying “we’re bringing security and privacy to enterprise customers every enterprise needs an LLM for their business, so it just makes sense to do this on premises”.

Dell’s SVP for product marketing, Varun Chhabra, commented on the importance and versatility of the Dell hardware, as it provides enterprise a cost-effective option and allows AI to be deployed in both the cloud and on premises.

With the blueprints and deployments of Project Helix, enterprises are encouraged to customize their AI deployment to meet their specific needs and wants. Blueprints will be available in July via traditional channels and APEX flexible consumption options.

The Dell and Nvidia partnership has the potential to revolutionize how AI is utilized in enterprise. By combining the hardware and software solutions, their joint venture provides a comprehensive package for businesses to benefit from AI-powered opportunities.

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