Guide to Torbjörn in Overwatch 2 – Lore, Abilities and Gameplay


In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn is an important character for those who prefer precision and long-ranged attacks to get the job done. The ingenious mechanic has received an indirect buff to his turrets due to the reduced number of tanks and shields, making it easier for Torbjorn to unleash attacks at will. With a slow-firing long-range weapon and a multipurpose hammer, this hero can do a great job of protecting the payload or objective points while his tank and support teammates do the heavy lifting.

Torbjörn has a deep mistrust of artificial intelligence and is responsible for recovering and protecting his inventions from groups that intend to use them for harm. He also supports his daughter, Brigitte, in her career as a hero. The mechanic’s turret has health of 225 and deals 14 damage per 0.25 seconds at a range of 40 meters, making it the perfect teammate in battle. The Overload ability gives the hero 100 extra health and a 30% movement speed buff, while the Molten Core ultimate deals 160 damage per second and an extra 90 damage against armor.

When playing objective points or close quarters skirmishes, Torbjörn can be very productive as long as he sticks to his role and doesn’t try to take on the enemy tank alone. As an intelligent protector with the capacity to damage from a distance or up close, Torbjörn is ready to fight for the cause and help his team achieve glory.

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