New Startup Uses the Latest OpenAI GPT Technology


Today, a new Kiwi startup dubbed has harnessed OpenAI’s GPT model of AI and established an all-in-one wealth tech platform to enable investors to research, plan, manage and trade investments independently. The platform’s advanced AI algorithms allow users to ask questions about investments, stocks, crypto and other similar topics of interest, and provides answers almost instantly.

Ideally, would challenge a conventional ‘Bloomberg Terminal’, and allow independent investors access to multiple investment accounts while handling risk and meeting desired investment strategies. The team behind the startup believes it can revolutionize the way investments are made, while aiming for a peaceful transition into the future of financial markets.

Co-founder Charlie Meaden stresses that was created by understanding the needs of everyday investors, and delivering a highly anticipated response. The platform combines AI capabilities with the backbone of solid user experience. It also boasts collaborative features for investors to share and track investments at a glance on their networks.

The startup has entered into a partnership with Alpaca, a top technological infrastructure provider and broker dealer in Silicon Valley. This move has enabled to launch its Gembroker service for Kiwis and soon Australians to execute commission-free trade of US Equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Our team aims to integrate 30 more third-party integrations in the near future.

Charlie Meaden is a co-founder of and has long been passionate about advancing independent investing opportunities. As an engineer, he has applied his technical expertise in the fields of AI and Machine Learning to provide people with the opportunity to invest with precision and confidence. Along with the team, Charlie is focused on helping investors have a better understanding of the markets and to create a smarter investing experience that allows everyone to reach their goals.

See also  AI's Impact on Insurance Industry Explored in Best's Review & AM Best TV Collaboration is the perfect solution for independent investors, allowing them to access better investing opportunities and gather more precise investing insights. The team strives to build a world-class investing platform that can be used at a global scale. With AI, combined with the needs and relative experience of the everyday investor, could offer a revolutionary platform for quick and effective investment decisions.

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