New AI Monitoring System Detects Risks at Offshore Wind Farms


Ocean Winds, a joint venture between Portuguese utility EDP Renewables and French counterpart Engie, has successfully implemented AI technology at its floating pilot project to enhance safety in offshore wind operations. The UK technology startup Zelim’s AI monitoring system, called Zoe, was installed at the WindFloat Atlantic project located off the coast of Viana do Castelo in northern Portugal. Zoe utilizes AI software and cameras to constantly monitor the surrounding waters of the floating offshore wind farm.

Zelim claims that Zoe’s advanced technology enables immediate detection of objects such as people or vehicles that enter the water. The installation of Zoe at the WindFloat Atlantic project aims to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness in improving safety at offshore wind farms. A video released by Ocean Winds showcases Zoe in action, with the software successfully detecting objects in the water near the floating platforms. These objects are clearly highlighted on the camera feed by Zoe, using a red box and accompanying description.

In the event of any detection of individuals or external vessels in the surrounding waters, direct alerts are immediately sent to the wind farm’s maintenance control center. This swift notification system enhances the safety and security of technicians and assets, allowing for timely responses and potential rescues. According to Doug Lothian, Chief Technology Officer at Zelim, Zoe acts as a safety net around offshore assets, greatly improving the chances of detecting someone in distress at sea and facilitating efficient rescue operations.

Ocean Winds possesses an extensive portfolio of offshore wind capacity, amounting to approximately 1.5GW. As a company focused on environmental sustainability, Ocean Winds will investigate the potential deployment of Zoe across its existing and upcoming projects. Elena Caja, Ocean Winds’ Head of Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Quality, expressed the company’s commitment to exploring the utilization of this innovative technology to bolster safety measures throughout its operations.

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By successfully implementing Zelim’s Zoe system at the WindFloat Atlantic project, Ocean Winds sets a precedent for enhancing safety at offshore wind farms. This development not only prioritizes the well-being of technicians and assets but also showcases the industry’s dedication to utilizing advanced technology to address safety concerns. Going forward, Ocean Winds plans to continue integrating cutting-edge solutions to optimize safety standards in all their operational and under-construction projects.

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