Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Windows Copilot for Windows 11 with Bing and ChatGPT


Microsoft recently revealed its advanced AI-powered tool, Windows Copilot, at the Build 2023 developer conference. Windows Copilot is designed to make the user experience on Windows 11 much simpler and more efficient. The feature utilizes Bing chat, ChatGPT, and the Bing AI engine to provide users with a local search engine to help them automate various tasks.

Windows Copilot will be available in June for the Windows Insider program with more users gaining access in the coming weeks. The copilot sidebar will be situated on the taskbar offering easy access to users. The AI engine can take requests such as the weather in the area, the latest sports scores, and more. The copilot also works similarly to Alexa and Siri like personal assistants and can even aid in customizing settings in certain apps. Windows Copilot also allows third-party plugins to work and lets the AI system use the data scraped from them.

Microsoft is certainly making a great push to increase the capabilities of its AI systems and Windows Copilot is no different. Microsoft also has its own plugin store to allow AI plugins to work seamlessly and make sure they offer information from third-party platforms directly. Windows Copilot also supports features such as summarizing texts, taking screenshots, managing snap assist and more. All of these features make the Windows Copilot experience much more useful, allowing users to interact with their computer in a much more natural and intuitive way.

Microsoft is continuing to make strides in the AI field and Windows Copilot is certainly going to be a great way to fully make use of the Bing AI engine. It will be exciting to see how the Windows Copilot feature develops and what else comes from Microsoft in the future.

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