Microsoft Build 2023: ChatGPT to Feature Integrated Bing Search Engine and More


Microsoft has announced a new exciting integration between its Bing Search engine and OpenAI’s widely-used ChatGPT language model. Users will now be able to get timely and relevant answers from the web directly within ChatGPT’s interface, as the search engine has been built into the AI language model. This integration will enable ChatGPT to draw results from search and web data, and also provide citations so users can pursue their queries further.

Microsoft is well-known for delivering impactful technology solutions and it is continuing to build on its success with this new joint venture. By combining the power of Bing Search and ChatGPT, the company is hoping to shape the future of AI innovation and drive the current search engine market forward.

OpenAI is a research laboratory devoted to developing advanced artificial intelligence technologies and projects, spearheaded by some of the most renowned tech leaders in the world. Their vision includes pushing the boundaries of AI research in order to better understand and use it, and this integration with Microsoft is an excellent example of their hard work.

The person who is mentioned in this article is Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella. Satya stands out in the tech industry for his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology solutions to improve the world around us and make the lives of people better. Over his years of service, he has used his knowledge and experience to drive Microsoft towards a greater success and become an industry leader. Under his leadership, Microsoft has grown to become one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, giving customers a wide variety of products and services spanning various fields.

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